No GOP for Me

I shall no longer support the republican party, its platform, or its candidates.

My father was a proud member of the Grand Old Party…the party of Lincoln…and I followed in his footsteps politically for 70 years. Although I was a precinct chairman and active in local politics for years, I can no longer support the party, its platform, or its candidates.

It’s not because of Trump, he is who he has always been — an insecure person, fearful of losing and unfettered by reality, truth, or tradition! Rather it is because republicans have closed their eyes to Trump’s unorthodox conduct as a person, a businessman, and president. The party has sold out and lost its way.

Impeachment might have merit as it would force congressional members to take a public stand. Will they actually go on record favoring a litany of lies, grabbing women’s genitalia, infidelities, separation of families at the border, cabinets and departments led by unapproved appointees, arbitrary treaty modification, undocumented summits with foreign adversaries, white supremacists, and government by tweet? Or will they stand up for what they know is truly moral, ethical and legal?

Sorry dad, this just isn’t the party we knew and supported.

It isn’t what you have the right to do…
it’s what is right to do!
~Author Unknown