Pamela Howland, Pianist

The great western migration brought with it an appreciation of music and one of the first structures in many small towns was an opera house. There the settlers, ranchers, and even the cowboys could hear and glory in the magnificence of musical expression. All that hasn’t really changed although it is frequently digital music served over the internet and delivered through such modern amazements as the Amazon Echo.

Today as this one time cowboy listened to Pamela Howland, a wonderful pianist who I first met when she was a teenager, I was reminded again of the importance of music to our culture.

Pamela’s domination of the piano and her exceptional interpretation of classical music leaves one filled once again with appreciation and awe, eager for more. To hear such talent gives cause to reflect on our past, a cultural tie back to that age when music was a life necessity and was so highly valued by our ancestors in the great American west.