Public Service Recognition

Posted: April 27, 2013 in Contemporary

Public Service Recognition Week, May 5-11

Lots of folks, even some cowboys, complain about taxes. Well, maybe there are too many taxes and maybe some are too high but what would we do without the many benefits we receive in return? There are a great many dedicated public employees who serve quietly and efficiently to bring us essential services.

Recognizing this, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed a resolution on April 16, 2013 honoring federal, state and local government employees, both civilian and military, for their dedication and continued service to the United States.

Consider the impact on our lives if deserving and needy citizens were deprived of such tax-supported services as national defense, state national guard, fire and police protection, courts of law, public defenders, public transit, public schools, public broadcasting, mail delivery, Social Security, para medics, Medicare and Medicaid, professional licensing, public libraries, state and municipal block grants, child and elder care, housing assistance, business assistance, food stamps, air traffic control, head start, infrastructure, weather reports, food inspection, literary and artistic copyright, title registration, public parks, public health, student loans, et al.

The list goes on and on and those services are provided, directly or indirectly, by industrious but often unseen and unappreciated public employees. I don’t know about you, but I tip my Stetson to those many public employees who quietly and efficiently provide essential services. And I do so, not just during Public Service Recognition Week, but every single day!

Thanks guys and gals, you’re appreciated!

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