Meeting the Badger

If I remember correctly, it was during the summer of 1940 when I was eleven years old that I first met Badger Clark. I had won an expense-paid trip to a conservation camp at Seward, Nebraska in a contest sponsored by the Federal Arms Corporation. My winning entry was an essay about some doves nesting beneath sagebrush right on the ground. Although I was working on my brother-in-law’s ranch that summer, he gave me a week off to attend the camp.

Badger was the featured guest and it was downright pleasant to sit and talk with him. A lot of the young folks had other interests, after all it was a coed camp. Unfortunately, I was a bit young and wasn’t yet inclined to chase around after the girls, so I had some quality time talking to the Badger in between his appearances to read his poems to us. And read them he did…book in hand and not relying on his memory, he presented his poetry.