Goose Creek

This poem , “Goose Creek,” which was an award winner in a juried competition sponsored by the Allied Arts of the Yakima Valley in 2007, has just been published in a new regional anthology, Twentieth: Selected Yakima Coffeehouse Poems. The book is a collection of poems which won awards in Allied Arts competitions over a period of 19 years. The poem  was first published in Thirteenth, a chapbook published by Allied Arts in 2007, and also appears in Western Images released by Western Poetry Publications that same year.

Goose Creek

The creek meanders listlessly
amidst the hills of sand…
a shallow, slender thread of life
feedin’ the fragile land.

It brings water to our cattle
and makes the meadows green
with grasses as tall as a man
as far as can be seen.

Willow branches droop o’er the stream,
shadin’ the water’s flow,
creatin’ quiet, cool retreats
where man is wont to go.

This little creek flows steadily
as seasons rise and wane,
grandly fulfillin’ its purpose,
in this prairie domain.