Top Dog: a managerial satire

topdogCvr…managers can survive, be successful, and inspire quality, excellence, and productivity if they know and practice the basics of management…

One of the great secrets for success as a manager is not really a secret. It is well known, but sometimes forgotten in the crush of daily work, that managerial success is the result of learning and practicing some basic skills.

Those who understand that and become proficient in the five basic skills of management (planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling) have the tools they need to become successful.

But there are charlatans lurking in the wings, consultants who lead their clients down strange paths. They create buzz words and even pseudo science which only the consultants understand. They build dependence on themselves rather than empowering others.

This satirical book exposes some of their tactics and, in the end, pushes back to the basics.

This 32 page chapbook is now available in paperback (list $8.95) through local and international booksellers and in Kindle format (list $2.99) through